January 14, 2015:

LP3 met last night for our Jan. meeting. With few members in attendance we briefly discussed several topics from old business on our agenda. Work continues with our School System to implement cycling education in our schools. It was agreed we would like to see a copy of the educational material to facilitate discussion with interested school representatives. A decision on the logo was tabled for a future meeting when we have better attendance. It was agreed that work on a Bike Route map needs to be addressed soon so we may include it in an informational pamphlet along with any other information to be prepared for it. Our goal is to have something ready for the spring/summer season. Signage was also briefly discussed and will continue to be an agenda item. Signage and or Stripping is our way of defining where our routes are. An important part of this whole thing. As far as my part of this group Dec. was very busy with the Holidays and other town matters. Jan 2015 will be even more busy for me with several new council members and town business. Most already know about the approval of the Complete Streets. I have made little headway as far as the bike racks are concerned. It was discussed to move ahead with the possible locations excluding the schools at this time. Coordination of locations and financial cooperation with the school was a consideration in this. As far as I know we can apply for this grant again to expand locations. I have reached out to Don Babcock of NIPSCO about the gas lines overhead in Cedar Creek. These lines effect navigation and I'm hoping to find a solutions that solves this. I have yet to receive a response and will be following up. Next scheduled meeting will be Feb. 10th 6:00 pm at the Town Hall. Members Hope to see you then.

November 12, 2014:

Our Nov. meeting went very well. Discussion included working with Tri Creek School system to hopefully incorporate bike education in their curriculum. Reviewing Lowell P3 Logo possibilities. Bike rack locations at most all of our Parks. Reviewing and prioritizing our Bike Route map to ensure any future development or reconstruction will be bike friendly. Approved draft of Complete Streets ordinance for presentation to our Planning Commission. Closing with discussion on our proposed Blue Way down Cedar Creek from 171st. to Belshaw Road. A Special "Thanks" to Leslie Phemister from Active Transportation and to Mrs. Annette Weiand and Mr. Rick Partente from Tri Creek Schools. Thank you for your interest in working to make our community a better and safer place to enjoy. Last but not least "Thanks" to all the committee members. Without dividing up the work and digging in we wouldn't be where we're at today. I've included a few photos of propose bike rack locations.We will be making application through NIRPC for an INDOT grant to help with the cost. Thanks Mitch Barloga of NIRPC for the heads up on the grant. I've also included photo's of proposed locations for possible landings for our Cedar Creek Blue Way.

October 15, 2014:

From our meeting last night.... Things in the works. We have secured a domain name and have created our web site, please be patient as this develops. , We are also working on a logo for future educational and informational literature. We're talking to local businesses and discussing locations for bike racks through out town. We have begun discussion with reps from the school system in hopes of including them in an educational part of our plan. We will be taking steps to adopt a Complete Streets Policy in Lowell to ensure implementation and development of our plan. We also discussed the creation of a Blue Way using Cedar Creek for our kayak and canoe enthusiast. With the help of Active Transportation and their offer to supply a trailer full of bikes, we will be planning to include an educational bike program into our park programs. Forgive me if I let anything out. We crammed a lot into an hour and a half meeting and everyone left with homework. Thanks to everyone for working so hard to move this dream forward.